Quick video demo of an integrated art/sample approval app

Project | Jul 6th, 2021

About the app

This is a short video tour of an Artwork / Sample photo approval component I built for my custom business app.

Here's what happens in this component:

  1. A designer or staff member uploads and crops an art proof or sample photo image via the staff dashboard and labels it as an iteration of a customer's custom item design.
  2. Staff member sends a notification to the customer. Customer dashboard lets the customer choose how to be notified. Options are email, phone, mms, push, or not at all with separate options for info and marketing messages.
  3. Customer receives the notification, logs in, and navigates to a screen with options to approve the file or request changes.
  4. Customer drags an arrow over the design to point out the issue and types a comment to explain what's wrong.
  5. Customer submits the reply, which contains a new marked-up image and color-coded text comments.
  6. Staff member receives a notification that the change request was uploaded and views the change request. Comments and the new image are in the staff dashboard alongside other item files.

Tech used in this project:

  • React Konva
  • GatsbyJS
  • React with standard React Hooks (useContext, useReducer, useState, useEffect, useRef)
  • MaterialUI
  • React Apollo - @apollo/client
  • Django
  • Graphene Django
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • PostgreSql database
  • Amazon S3 file storage
  • JSON
  • graphql-tag
  • react-easy-crop

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