Never be stuck again with this simple divergent thinking game

Blog Post | Aug 9th, 2021

Are you stuck for creative ideas? Divergent thinking is a thinking strategy and method for generating creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. Try this simple idea-generating game to get your brain flowing.

Divergent Thinking Game

The aim of this game is to come up a great solution to your question or problem. We begin with a freeflow of ideas known as "divergent thinking", where we create an unfiltered list of many possibilities. In this first step, we are going for quantity over quality. There are no bad ideas.

Step 1: Ask a Question

What problem do you want to solve? What do you want to figure out?

Step 2: Set a goal

Set the timer and give yourself a challenging goal. How many ideas do you want to discover in this short window of time?


Time Limit:

Step 3: Fire off some ideas!

Ask a question, set a goal, and set a time limit to proceed with the game.

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